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Personalize your Photo Pillow

Want to add one or multiple photos? Our personalized design shop allows you to create your own pillow design. We have off-the-shelf templates that makes it easy for you. You can build on our ideas or suggest your ideas, and get started with the creation. There are various sizes available on our site. Check them out to know what is your preferred design and size.

Why you should get the photo pillows?

  • They are super cute and comfortable.
  • You can easily personalize them and get your favorite memory to last forever.
  • Super soft, easy to maintain and allows you to cuddle with your memory.

About Photo Pillows

An excellent way to express your love and care for someone. Our case are easy to wash, and the memories inscribed on it never fade away.

We make cushions with case that are 80% polyester. We take pains to ensure that you get good looking case that last long. We have prescribed hygiene methods as well, which will help you maintain the cover’s look for long.

Customized Comfort

We don’t sell cushions; we create memories. Create 18x18” memories with our customized cushions. Add a dash of personalization to your décor pieces.

  • Going for microfiber pillows, get sharp images imprinted on smooth covers
  • For fleece options, you get soft cushions with soft and gentle images
  • Poplin pillows are of high quality and come with UV coated material. This material is an excellent choice if you want to put it up on the patio.
  • We make pillows out of 100% durable polyester.

Why PrintONN?

  • Certified Printers with Latex Inks

  • Affordable Rates

  • Unmatched Quality Canvas Products

  • Safety & Security Guaranteed

How to Order

You can create and order your own customized photo mug in just three easy steps.

Upload The Picture

Choose from the gallery the photo you want imprinted on your pillow. This will become part of your design

Personalize Your Design

choose your design, template and the filters to personalize the cover of your cushion.

Preview and Order

Check a preview of the pillow, and place the order. Once you have made the payment, the pillow will be shipped to your doorstep.

About Photo Pillow

Personalized Pillow with cover for Gifting Décor

Surprise your loved ones with our custom throw pillows featuring their pictures or quotes that define then. These pillows make up for ideal décor gifts for couples, friends and babies. Make their special day a bit more special with our range of personalized pillows and pillow cases to choose from. Comfy pillows are not only worth a hug but can even glam up the house décor of your loved ones.

Even employers love gifting personalized picture pillow to their employees as this shows how much they care. One just needs to get the picture from their employees’ social media profile and upload it. Don’t worry about the quality, we’ll take care of the rest. Select and upload the image to see it come to life on pillow and pillow case. You also get to choose the fabric of pillow case that you feel best suit the other person’s taste.